Patience and Dedication – Why Your Child Needs A Piano Teacher That Has Both

While a good piano teacher will merely teach your child how to play, a great piano teacher will help your child truly master the instrument. This is because great teachers have patience in abundance, and the dedication to help your child really excel with a piano.
Young learners especially need teachers who are friendly and patient. As they are in the early stages of their musical journey, the teacher you choose should work according to your child’s pace – most importantly, the teacher should be sensitive towards your child’s needs.
Often, parents only look for talented piano teachers but disregard the fact that the teacher should be approachable too. A great piano teacher in Atlanta will help build a strong base for your child, and instill a sense of passion for the instrument.

Benefits of Having A Dedicated and Patient Piano Teacher

When it comes to teaching, not everyone has the skills to deliver their knowledge to learners. Hence, teachers who are patient, and invested in their students’ progress, can help your child learn faster through piano lessons in Atlanta.
Here are some traits of a dedicated piano teacher.

They Can Be More A Friend Than A Teacher

When piano teachers are goal-oriented, they put in maximum effort towards encouraging your child to improve. Such teachers stimulate fast-paced learning by becoming your child’s friend. Imagine a teacher who your child cannot communicate well with, or worse, someone your child is afraid of. Such a teacher would not only hinder their progression but might also make your child resentful towards any sort of training!
However, if a teacher is friendly, and manages to build a good relationship with your child, it is likely that the young learner will feel motivated – and ready to master new things.

They Are Easy-Going

An expert piano teacher knows that it’s not all fun and games. Learning how to play any instrument can be difficult for young learners. As hard as it gets, piano teachers who exercise patience towards their young charges, ultimately help them learn at the right pace.
Moreover, a teacher who is patient with his or her students will also be flexible. This is an especially important trait for teaching children, who might not be interested in learning the piano – at least in the beginning. A patient teacher will help build up love for the piano, and encourage your child to master this musical instrument.

They Invest Their Time In Teaching Your Child

A good piano teacher realizes that a young learner cannot master any skill, let alone a complex instrument, such as the piano, overnight. Therefore, a dedicated teacher will be patient enough to stick around and take his or her time in teaching your child techniques that are difficult.

Feeds Your Child’s Interest

Imagine your child learning with the help of strict guidelines – which sounds good on paper, but if the teacher isn’t able to feed their interest, chances are the child will never master the piano.
With a dedicated teacher, you can rest assured that your child’s interest in the piano – and maybe other musical instruments – will grow over time!

Is Open About Your Child’s Progress

When a teacher is fully dedicated to your child’s performance, they are honest about their progress. A great teacher carefully and continuously evaluates your child’s performance, and provides honest feedback – whether good or bad. What is more helpful for a young learner’s growth than an honest assessment by a skilled teacher?

Takes Feedback from Students

How would a teacher know if the student is truly benefitting from their sessions? By taking continuous feedback from parents as well as students, as this helps the teacher improve their teaching style over time. A dedicated teacher is not only going to provide your child with feedback, but he will also ask for it for his own teaching.
Identifying issues, knowing what helps each child learn better, and understanding that teaching is about being able to adapt to different situations – this is what makes a great piano teacher. When looking for a teacher for your child, be on the lookout for those willing to dedicate themselves to your child’s improvement.
Patience, commitment, and trust are important qualities that all great piano teachers have. It’s important for your child to learn from a teacher who is goal-oriented and is ready to help your child master the piano. At Lessons In Your Home, we have local, dedicated teachers who will take time to get to know your child to ensure they reach their potential. Contact us to find a teacher near you.

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