Let Your Mechanic Help With Your Drum Set

Ok, so maybe you wouldn’t necessarily ask your auto mechanic to help you out with your drum set.  However, music teachers can serve the purpose of a mechanic when it comes to your instruments.  If you might ask your mechanic to help you buy your next car or fix your current one. Your music teacher can be a very helpful resource for all things music, not just for lessons.

Help Buying A Drum Set

How Difficult (or Easy) Is It to Learn the Drums
I am currently teaching a mother and daughter how to play the drums.  They are a wonderful, musical family and I absolutely love working with them!  Their other daughter is currently taking guitar lessons and the dad…well, he pretty much plays everything!  They have an old, vintage drum set from the 1960s and a couple of weeks ago, they came to me asking for help on purchasing a new drum set.

Vintage Is Cool

Personally, I’m kind of in love with their drum set.  There’s something about an old, sparkly drum set that really makes me happy.  I honestly didn’t see the need for them to purchase a new drum set.  Their drum heads, however, had not been changed in about 20 years!  (Just an FYI: drum heads are supposed to be changed about every six months)  I think we’ve found the problem.  This family was about to buy a completely new drum set when all they really needed to get their drums sounding great is some new heads.  Luckily, I’m an honest mechanic!

Take Your Drum Teacher To The Music Store

I helped them out with their drum heads and told them the sizes and brands and styles that would work best for their particular drum kit.  Shopping for drum heads can be stressful because there are so many different kinds but I was happy to help steer them in the right direction.  Most music teachers would be happy to help out like this, so I encourage students to always ask their teachers for any help with their instruments!

Help With Your Drum Set

They went to the store, purchased the drum heads, and had no idea how to put them on.  Once again, I love this family and I was absolutely happy to help put their shiny new drum heads on their beautiful classic drum set.
Last week, I stayed late after their lessons were over and we went to work.  They were my last students of the day so really all it took to get me to stay was a nice cold beverage and some quesadillas and I was a happy camper.  Every teacher is different so it is perfectly acceptable to compensate for the extra time for a meal or some extra cash.
I sat down and taught my student the proper way to replace drum heads and tune a drum set.  It’s a lot more complicated than tuning a guitar!  I put the whole family to work and in the process, taught them all how to listen for different pitches and how not to put too much strain on one side of the drum head.  It was actually really great bonding time!

Ask Your Music Teacher Silly!

So don’t be afraid to ask!  Your music teacher can be so much more than a person who just teaches you or your son or daughter music lessons.  They have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of their instrument and can be a great resource for you and your family.  The best part is, they will certainly be an honest mechanic!

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