Learn the Blues in your Guitar, Bass, or Piano Lesson and Learn the roots of Pop Songs

In this music lesson video, one of our guitar teachers helps us understand the foundation of the blues in a really simple way. It’s a 12 measure (bar) chord progression that outlines what blues music is. What’s really exciting is when you take private lessons we can show you how this progression can relate to 1000’s of other songs. Of course, before you learn to play a song, you have to know how to play an instrument or sing.
Chord Progressions are awesome! By progression, we mean pattern, a pattern of chords. For a teacher who teaches rock and pop music, teaching these patters is “fun”. If you’ve never played an instrument before you can relate by thinking of a time when you watched someone preform and said to yourself, “how do they remember” what to play? For us musicians the answer is easy. We just know the chord progression.
Enjoy the video and to see teachers the teachers that teach in-home private music lessons where you live, CLICK HERE.

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