How To Hold A Drumstick – Private Drum Lessons

Many teachers have different ways of explaining how to hold a drumstick. I have a simple, catchy method of remembering the best way to hold your sticks with the best possible results. This method is remembering 1, 2, 3, V.
Are Drum Lessons Necessary If My Child Is Already A Great Performer1: Make a “1” with your pointer finger. Now look at the palm side of your pointer finger. Place the stick along the top knuckle crease, closest to the tip of your finger. The stick should be perpendicular to your finger.
2: Place the thumb flat on the stick directly on the opposite side of the pointer finger. The thumb should be in line with the stick, perpendicular to the pointer finger.

3: Wrap the remaining three fingers around the stick gently to maintain a loose control over the stick.
V: When you have a drum stick in each hand, turn your hands over so that the top of the hand faces the ceiling, and the sticks create an upside down “V” shape.
And now, you’re all ready to play some drums!

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