Guitar Lesson – Play A Measure Plus A Note

Our Guitar Lesson Blogs are filled with tips about playing, and this tip is a great one. It came from one of our bassoon teachers, but I needed to share it with out guitar students and teachers.

It Happened Again, I Can’t Play This Measure

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When learning a new song on the guitar and using sheet music, either staff or tab, the most common place for a snag in your reading always happens between one measure to the next. In other words your going great and then there’s this measure that you always stop on. A common tendency is to practice the measure until you can’t get it wrong but even after that it’s still not working out well.

One Measure Plus A Note

This issue may be the measure you’re having a hard time with but it most likely has more to do with whats ahead. So when you are practicing just that “one troubled measure” don’t. Instead, always play that measure plus the next note or down beat from the next measure. Think about it, it’s fluency we’re looking for! We’re blaming it on a tough measure or phrase but the continuation or lack of on the music is whats making you stop and notice in the first place.

You Don’t Need Therapy To Get Over It

I know it’s a little melodramatic but that’s seriously whats going on with your guitar lesson practice when you’re keep getting wrapped up on a specific spot. So the one measure plus a note really helps you get over it. Students I’ve observed trying this out in guitar lessons seam to fix they issue way faster then if they had just plowed through the troubled measure over and over again.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over A Guitar Lesson

So even if you’re trying this tip and the guitar riff or song still isn’t working, don’t beat yourself up. When we look back and what we can play well, we often forget how long it took to get there. Do your best and try and playing guitar will come. Playing guitar like you want to will be something you always work at but as I like to say, “is it work or is it fun?”
Keep Taking Guitar Lessons Everyone!

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