Guitar Lesson Music – Whats In Your Lesson Plan

Guitar Lesson Music

Guitar Lesson Music
Take your time learn and then play anything!

Everyone has a musical preference. Music runs the gamut of taste and variety, and is definitely the thing that identifies so many of us. So what do you do when you or your child aren’t crazy about the music your guitar teacher has chosen? Here a few suggestions:

Lets Talk Music In Your Lessons

First of all, have a conversation. Understand your guitar teacher is there at your home to teach you student music with a very true motivation. Your teacher wants you student to enjoy lessons, wants them to learn, and wants them to thrive. We are on the same page in this, so don’t be afraid to have a polite, inquisitive conversation. This opens the door to other great communicating opportunities.

Whats Your Favorite Guitar Music?

Secondly, identify the type of guitar lesson music, or even a particular song, that you and your child are looking to play. Sometimes with a few specific examples of music, you will get far in communicating what it is you are looking for. Instead of just saying, “my child likes pop music” and expect your teacher to get it, give an example. My child likes Third Eye Blind, or “Go Love Yourself,” by Justin Bieber. These are far different types of music, and can really help in getting across what it is your student wants to play. Teachers are generally very open to a song, and they love to teach those songs to their students. Which leads me to my third point…

Get To A Music Store

Don’t be afraid to get out there and look at music! Music stores are awesome! There are also so many online resources for music, they can’t be counted. Sit with your student and look at titles and find some you think you child will like. If you are concerned about appropriate level, most books have a level right on the front. Look at the piece of music and see how it compares to the music your student is working on presently. Most music is returnable, so go for it! Having some extra music around is something I have always found to be wildly helpful. You never know who else might take up the guitar and need some music just like you purchased.

Guitar Teachers Have A Plan

Lastly, look at compromise as a great answer! Understand there might be some guitar lesson music that are not your child’s favorites, but they have value. Your guitar teacher has some things to teach, and they are important things. Some songs often teach a specific skill that needs to be mastered. Encourage your child to practice a song they like, then one of the “challenge” songs, and back to something they like. Compromise is great in all of life, it also holds true in music lessons!
Music selection should not be a deal breaker between a student and a teacher they truly enjoy. Try some of these simple solutions. It’s worth it!

Guitar Lesson Music

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