Dust Off And Learn How To Play Guitar

Why learn how to play an instrument? There are plenty of benefits that might make you dust off and Learn How To Play Guitar

Enhances Cognitive Function

Listening to music engages the whole brain, but playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging instruments are used to detect activity in the brain. They have showed that playing an instrument engages all areas of the brain at once. Motor, visual, and auditory functions of the brain are worked all at once. Musicians may be able to solve problems more effectively and quickly. Brain functions are strengthened even more with consistent practice, which may allow messages to get across their brains faster. Enhanced memory function is another benefit of being a musician. MRI’s have shown that learning to play an instrument is different than any other activity.


You can bring joy to other people’s lives while also being rewarded by a performance yourself. You can ask any musician what it’s like to perform, and they will say it’s great to hear the audience’s applause for a great performance. Playing an instrument can be very rewarding and fun. It’s also very satisfying to see smiles on people’s faces as you play.


As a musician, it’s necessary to practice consistently and work on hard parts of music as well as easy parts. Playing an instrument can be very challenging. Your teacher may also give you some things to work on, but musicians learn to become self-starters and overcome obstacles on their instruments. Musicians set goals for themselves and monitor them appropriately. This discipline can be applied to their daily lives.

Improves Concentration

When a musician reads music they have several things going on such as concentrating on the pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, hand-eye coordination, and even listening to other people around them. Playing music requires you to concentrate on all of these things at once, and as a result, your concentration gets better.

Reduces Stress – Learn How To Play Guitar

Playing music is an all-natural, prescription-free method for relaxation. As a musician, you can put all of your emotions into the music. As your skills get more and more advanced, you can even play what you want, and create your own music. Music therapy has been proven to help people suffering from depression, autism, and other disorders. Go ahead, get addicted to music!

In conclusion, become a musician. You’ll have so much to brag about!

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