Can You Really Teach Yourself the Guitar Or Is It Just Another Myth?

While most popular guitarists learn to play the instrument on their own, it certainly isn’t the ideal approach for everyone. Even if you are able to read sheet music, they may not give you the right direction you need. Similarly, studying a couple of music theories does not give you the same education, or skills, as formal training.
The prospects of self-learning a guitar may seem exciting at first. However, doing it yourself has many disadvantages, including slow learning, lack of feedback, risk of learning incorrect techniques – which can all ultimately affect how well you play the guitar.
Most aspiring guitarists often do not know where to start, and the self-guided approach is highly unlikely to take you to an expert likely. Getting help from a professional guitar teacher is the best way to truly master the guitar.

Disadvantages of Self-Learning

Trying to teach yourself how to play an instrument puts you in danger of picking up the wrong techniques. Since there are various tutorials available online, it’s easy for a self-learner to mix them up. Here are some of the major disadvantages of self-learning.

Tuning Problems

To begin with, a guitar has to be perfectly tuned in order to play it correctly. It’s up to the guitarist to know if the instrument is tuned. A self-learner will always find it difficult to properly tune the guitar, or even tell if the instrument has been tuned correctly.

Chord Movements

Typically, a self-learner will not understand how to change chords that are similar, for example, from chord G to chord Cadd9. The tutorials you find online will not teach you the technicalities of how to switch from chord G to Cadd9, which is one of the most used chord movements in playing the guitar.

Difficulty in Finger Movements

When it comes to fingerpicking (a method of playing the guitar), it’s harder than ever to find a specific lesson that teaches the right finger movements. Moreover, self-learners are unaware of finger movement exercises that are extremely useful for aspiring guitarists.

Identifying Strumming Patterns

Due to the similarity of strumming patterns, it’s rather confusing to learn when to strum upwards and downwards.

Bar-Chord Problems

When you cover an entire fret with one finger, and try to place other fingers on different frets, it becomes really difficult to change chords. These techniques cannot be picked up through simple observation or tutorials – they need to be taught through private guitar lessons.

Why Having A Guitar Teacher Is Worth It

According to TechCrunch, over 90% of rookies quit playing guitars within their first year. This is due to the fact that beginners usually lack dedication and knowledge of the various techniques of playing a guitar.
When you take lessons from a guitar teacher, you build the best foundation and learn the right skills. There is absolutely no doubt that a professional guitar teacher can turn you into the best guitar player and performer you can be, especially in the long-run.

Receive Proper Guidance

Learning from a guitar teacher is going to help you make the most out of the process. With expert help, you can learn many different techniques of playing the guitar. Eventually, you will also be able to learn how to pick up finger movements on your own.

Ensures Correctly Paced Lessons

A guitar teacher will give you the right exposure that you need as a beginner. Expert guitar lessons will ensure that you are doing the right exercises and following the right plan for your skill level.

Drives Motivation

A guitar teacher will help you throughout the learning process – while ensuring that you pick up some great tips and tricks to playing the guitar like an expert. This will definitely keep you motivated throughout the learning process.
With so many different techniques, mastering the guitar can seem difficult. However, with the right teacher, the process can become easy and fun for students. At Lessons In Your Home, we a have a group of dedicated guitar teachers in nine cities around the U.S. Contact us today to get started with lessons!

Can You Really Teach Yourself the Guitar Or Is It Just Another Myth

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