Beggining Guitar Lessons – What to expect – Electric and Acoustic – Young students

shutterstock_2266795065So your son or daughter just got a guitar and as they are sitting on the couch plucking at strings (maybe they have broken one already) your thinking “She’s going to need some lessons”. First things first, let them play the instrument. Unless they are about to smash it, normal play, even if they don’t know what their playing is o.k. YOU CAN’T BREAK IT. Playing around on an instrument is the first type of expression most young students try. Here are three more things you should know about guitar lessons.
• Lessons on an Electric or an Acoustic are the same. Whether one is better then the other is a discussion for another post but in my humble opinion it’s a 50/50 proposition and the lessons are going to teach them how to play both! They are the same instrument.
• Start the lessons and let the students attitude dictate how long he will go. Progress is gradual on all instruments and guitar is not an instant gratification instrument. It takes some time to start rocking and rolling:) 4 lessons are not going to do it. Imagine only having four classes of Math, you wouldn’t be able to add and taking 4 lessons on guitar is not going to teach anyone how to play.
• The goal of learning Guitar is to be able to play the instrument and have the tools to learn any song. How you play the song will relate to the skill level that you have. Developing that skill level and learning about music all takes place in lessons.
Lastly, I’d like to say add that learning songs from a friend, uncle, or a parent is great! Most musicians can always point to an exciting music event or a friend or relative as the inspiration for them wanting to play. Let that happen, nothing shared is bad even if a teacher eventually modifies the concept.

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  1. I like that you pointed out how learning the guitar is done gradually and not in an instant. This is a great reminder for me and my kids to avoid frustration. My son just started being interested in this instrument after being able to watch his favorite band live when we went to their concert a month ago.

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