Teacher Profile: Yusufamir Fenwick

Yusufamir Fenwick

Yusufamir Fenwick

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet

City: Washington, DC

Education: Morgan State University

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    About Yusufamir Fenwick

    Yusufamir Khalil Fenwick is a multi-instrumental instructor serving the Washington, D.C. metro area. He teaches clarinet, saxophone, flute and piano to students from 5 to 95.

    Yusufamir began playing the Clarinet at the age of nine in his childhood home in Prince George’s County, Maryland. An enthusiastic participant in the PGCPS instrumental music program from elementary through high school, he felt music’s influence from a young age. He later became a member of the Reid Temple AME Church Youth Orchestra, performed in solo and ensemble festivals, and was chosen as a member of Honor Band under the direction of Daniel Sitomer and Anthony Snapp. At the Ottley School of Music, he studied under Mark Pipes, who helped him hone the keen skills he exemplifies today.

    Yusufamir’s passion for music led him to Morgan State University, where he studied Clarinet and performed recitals under the teachings of Dr. Allison Yacoub. He also performed with the MSU Band Program in the Magnificent Marching Machine and Concert Band under the direction of Mr. Melvin N. Miles. Upon matriculating, he became a Brother of the Eta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity and then obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Music.

    During his high school years, Yusufamir began learning to play the piano. Initially self-taught, he played as an alternative in the rhythm section in his high school jazz band. As part of his undergraduate curriculum, he refined his technique and the fundamentals by going through rigorous piano courses.

    Yusufamir started on Flute in his woodwind methods course during his undergraduate work at Morgan State University. Approaching flute as a first learner, he learned the fundamentals, technique, and hand positioning. While emphasizing aperture size, finger placement, and tone production in the low and high range, he studied and performed progressive musical exercises/compositions, working a basic grasp on the instrument.

    Within his coursework, Yusufamir also picked up the Alto Saxophone approaching the instrument how a first-time learner would be instructed. He first focused on intonation, articulation, and embouchure. Then he worked on several etudes and concepts (alternate fingerings, vibrato, flicking, and multiple articulation) from Charles West pedagogy, Woodwind methods: An Essential Resource for Educators, Conductors, and Students.

    Yusufamir enjoys teaching and performing most genres of music, including Rap, R&B, Pop, Gospel, GoGo, Classical, Romantic, and Jazz. His goal is to help his students cultivate a love for music, by following the slogan, “Music for Every Child; Every Child for Music.” In essence, if we help to make music a part of every child's life, then they will spend a lifetime following and engaging in the musical arts.

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