Teacher Profile: Yousef Shami

Yousef Shami

Yousef Shami

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion, Piano

City: Seattle

Education: George Mason University

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    About Yousef Shami

    Yousef is a professional musician and drummer who was born and raised in the Washington, DC area. In 2017, scaffolded by a Civil Engineering degree and as an educator in the public school system, Yousef pursued the dream of any musician--to jump into the music industry as a full-time instructor and performer. Yousef strongly believes that music is a way to heal many of society's problems and lack of connection. Music is a huge part of Yousef's life, as will be apparent in their excitement both during and outside of lessons.

    Though Yousef considers themself a late bloomer as a musician, upon picking up the drums in High School, it quickly became apparent that it would become more than a hobby-- but a calling. As Yousef continued playing at George Mason University and beyond, their hard-hitting, but tasteful approach to drums became well-known in the DC music scene. Yousef is recognized for unique approaches to odd-time and displaced grooves, as well as genre-bending and challenging musical norms. Yousef has been involved in a plethora of projects spanning multiple genres from pop & indie, to jazz & funk, to punk & metal! Yousef also has years of experience in live sound, booking/organizing shows, recording studios, improvisational performances, and touring.

    Yousef goes above and beyond to make sure that each student gets a personalized experience. Lessons (of any kind) are about understanding where the student is, playing to their strengths, and appropriately challenging them. This approach goes further than just exercises or training! It also includes what's most important in the end of the day: the student's interests, goals, and desires. For Yousef, music lessons go deeper than the drums or the teaching itself. It's really about my love of music, and how empowering it feels to share it with others!

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