Teacher Profile: Tess Halonen

Tess Halonen

Tess Halonen

Instrument(s): Flute, Guitar, Piano

City: Denver


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    About Tess Halonen

    Tess Halonen began her music career at age 11 in Las Cruces NM,
    studying under Jenny Paulson and Katie Sak. She has been playing flute
    since 1994, and she has been playing guitar and piano since 2001. After
    winning state and regional competitions and participating in master
    classes with Tadeo Coelho, Lisa VanWinkle and Melissa Colgin-Abeln, she
    went on to study Classical Flute Performance under Pamela Endsley,
    Principle of Colorado Symphony Orchestra, at the Lamont School of Music.
    To enhance her music education, she also studied extended flute
    technique with Marilyn Prestia, Assistant Principle of Colorado Symphony
    Orchestra. In 2005, she earned her performance degree from the
    University of Denver.

    Since then, her musical career has involved composing, recording,
    performing, and teaching a variety of styles to many ages. In 2003, she
    opened a private flute studio, teaching lessons in home and organizing
    recitals. In 2006, she began working for another studio teaching Orff
    classes for toddlers, private guitar, piano and flute. She currently
    performs with local musical acts and gigs around the Denver area.

    Her teaching philosophy centers around providing a platform for the
    expression of creativity in a fun and focused atmosphere. She aims to
    provide students with the knowledge and information they need to
    achieve their highest musical potential. Students will be actively listening,
    reading, participating and engaging in the performance process. Whether
    they become professional musicians or not, their lives will be enriched by
    music. Tess believes it is the role of the music educator, to cultivate and
    develop the potential within each student.

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