Teacher Profile: Tar Sahno

Tar Sahno

Tar Sahno

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Atlanta

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    About Tar Sahno

    Tar Sahno is a creative with many years of experience across media production, creative direction, music composition, and scriptwriting. He graduated from the prestigious Kyiv Academy of Arts in 2010, where he spent 11 years honing his musical abilities across a variety of instruments, including piano, percussion, saxophone, guitar, ukulele, and digital music creation tools.

    A Ukranian native, Tar immigrated to the US in 2015. He spent nearly eight years in California before planting roots in Atlanta, where he continues his dual passions for music and filmmaking. Music flows through his veins, a legacy inherited from a dynasty of musicians. He began studying piano at 5 years old, and the piano remains his primary instrument.

    Since 2010, Tar has woven his sonic magic into countless soundtracks for short films, commercials, and video games. His pedagogical side shines through his dedication to nurturing young musicians, guiding them from first notes to musical self-expression. As a classically trained pianist, he brings depth and versatility to his lessons, encompassing cinematic, blues, and folk genres.

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