Teacher Profile: Tanner Godwin

Tanner Godwin

Tanner Godwin

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion

City: Dallas

Education: University of North Texas

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    About Tanner Godwin

    Tanner Godwin has an intense passion and natural ability for music. From the time he picked up his first set of drumsticks as a toddler, he was hooked. Tanner was primarily self-taught and driven to teach himself to play drums as a child, then participated in band classes, indoor drumline, and marching band in high school. He continued to hone his skills studying Music Education and Percussion at the University of North Texas College of Music, where he also found his love for Jazz Drumset. Marching with UNT’s Green Brigade Marching Band and performing with Drum Corps International’s Music City helped round out his marching experience. Tanner has studied under several distinguished musicians such as Paul Rennick, Sandi Rennick, Christopher Deane, Jose Aponte, Stockton Helbing, Poolvalur Sriji, Philip Dizack, Rodney Booth, Benjamin Graf and more.

    While Tanner is a gifted performer, he is also fascinated with music pedagogy and how we learn and teach music. Since 2016 he's had the experience of leading and teaching others how to play and perform, and specializes in drum set, classical and marching percussion, classical and jazz music theory, and ear training. He has experience instructing students of all ages and abilities, but especially enjoys inspiring young musicians who are just getting started and working with advanced middle and high school students who are interested in improving their skills or prepping for auditions. Tanner’s greatest passion is bringing the joy of music to others and seeing his students grow in their abilities and confidence as musicians and people.

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