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Steven Radtke

Steven Radtke

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Denver

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    About Steven Radtke

    Steve Radtke - Steve grew up in the Pennsylvania Poconos where he began classical piano lessons at the age of 6, participating in recitals and assessments throughout his younger years. In college, Steve spent some time in lessons for jazz and rock, noting that the music has a quality of freedom that is truly explored through improvisation. Learning about synthesizers, synthesis techniques and music production has also been an area of study for Steve, as incorporating these elements into live shows has been an area of interest. Steve spent the last 11 years in 3 different bands putting out 5 different albums, playing gigs locally as well as up and down the east coast, SXSW and on live national television.

    Steve’s area of study in college was psychology and he pursued his Master’s degree in the same field. Steve often brought music into projects or assignments, culminating in his Master’s thesis about the effects that music, modes and keys have on mood and emotional states. For the last 12 years Steve worked as first a mental health counselor and then therapist with foster children that carried dual mental health diagnoses. Steve would also use music and yoga techniques (Steve is a registered 200 hour certified instructor) to help the children build coping skills and life skills.

    Currently, Steve is enjoying teaching piano and is active in two new bands and also spends time working with programs such as Ableton and Logic to continue to build on his production and playing skills. Often, Steve will be overheard working with his students on scales and exercises, as he does very often on his own because he finds having a strong base of basic skills is the best way to grow in music and in life.

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