Teacher Profile: Sheila Albertson

Sheila Albertson

Sheila Albertson

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: George Washington University

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    About Sheila Albertson

    Sheila Albertson is a piano, guitar and voice instructor based in Northern Virginia. She teaches all age groups and is particularly drawn to working with children. She is as passionate and dedicated to teaching as she is to music itself.

    Sheila was constantly surrounded by music throughout childhood. Her first formal introduction to music lessons came at age seven, when she began learning the piano. As a musician himself, Sheila’s father ensured that she not only practiced diligently, but also instilled a love and appreciation for music that has continued throughout her life. Excelling in her childhood piano studies, Sheila’s musical background inspired her and ultimately led to her current pursuit of a degree in Piano Performance at George Washington University. Though she enjoys and plays many genres, classical piano is Sheila’s forte and she quotes Ravel and Liszt to be her favorite composers.

    As secondary instruments, Sheila also teaches guitar and voice. Through her father -- a Guitar professor at George Washington University -- she has always had guitar in her life. She learned basic chords at an early age and pursued a more in-depth instruction while in high school. During her studies at GWU she developed a love for voice, joining a jazz choir where she learned to improvise and let the grooving beat guide her. She has been classically trained and enjoys performing everything from musicals to operas.

    Sheila has dedicated her life to music and to teaching. A former Division I athlete, she understands the delicate balance and juggling act that takes place within a student’s life. With encouragement and introspection, she believes every student is capable of unlocking their potential, and she strives to ensure their success in whichever musical avenue they pursue.

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