Teacher Profile: Seth Hoover

Seth Hoover

Seth Hoover

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Atlanta

Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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    About Seth Hoover

    Music, music, music. Seth Hoover, and you may just call him Seth, is a lifelong musician with a passion for all of the arts. Over the course of his life, Seth has performed music in over 10 states and two countries, while grabbing a decent list of awards along the way. Music and the arts have always been at the forefront of Seth's inspiration and intentions.

    From an early age, Seth was fascinated with music. In grade school, Seth picked up the drum sticks rather naturally at the age of 7. Through school, he played in various marching bands, and competitive drum lines through which he received many awards for. After school and as a means to flex the creative side of his musings, Seth performed in many rock and metal bands which he continued in college. Along the way he decided to expand his musical ear to also include private piano and voice lessons, from which he went on to be a featured performer at various regional recitals.

    Through his college and post-college years, Seth started to teach in various roles. This included Teacher's Assistant roles for art classes at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a plethora of private tutoring in music and graphic design. In recent years, Seth has started to engineer music, while expanding on his tutoring and teaching capabilities for the drums and piano. Seth has loved being a part of Lessons In Your Home because "it feels like a natural evolution as a musician. Sharing knowledge and creating a connection with someone who shares similar interests in something you do is an incredible feeling. Seth loves that moment when you're in a lesson or performance, and everyone is locked in to the beat of the drum. Literally."

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