Teacher Profile: Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Composition, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Ukulele

City: Denver


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    About Ryan Smith

    Ryan M. Smith is a Colorado musician, composer, teacher, and
    producer. He received his Bachelor of Music degree with a
    Concentration in Composition from Metropolitan State University
    of Denver in May of 2013 and graduated with Honors. Ryan
    plays in local music groups, teaches privately and with local
    music organizations, and enjoys writing a variety of music
    ranging from contemporary classical to popular styles. He has
    written, recorded, and produced two solo albums under the
    name M.I.X along with writing music for local high schools and
    community groups. He aspires to help other musicians create
    their music by setting up a music production organization which
    will help them with recording, shows, songwriting, and more.
    Ryan’s end goal is to bring people together and to help them
    understand themselves using music as his medium.

    Ryan’s style of teaching is personal and caring. Whether or
    not his students develop a desire to pursue music beyond
    lessons, he cares about their happiness and personal success.
    Ryan develops a relationship with each student and enjoys it
    when he hears that they have used a concept from lessons for
    something beyond music. Ryan strives to instill a strong
    understanding and enjoyment of music in each of his students
    which they can then share with the people in their life. Art is
    about connection and understanding and Ryan’s teaching style
    reflects this idea.

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