Teacher Profile: Ryan Reeves

Ryan Reeves

Ryan Reeves

Instrument(s): Guitar, Percussion, Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Ryan Reeves

    Besides being a powerful tool for expression and outlet for many people, the benefits of music and learning music remain countless, and are still being discovered today. Ryan passionately believes in teaching in a way that helps students become excited to learn, improve, and solve problems in creative and intuitive ways. He believes that with some guidance, structure, and positive reinforcement, students can uncover a potential in themselves that they didn't know was there. The empowering feeling of overcoming an obstacle or doing something you didn't think you could do is frequent when learning music, and Ryan believes those feelings have the power to change a student's life.

    Ryan was put in to piano lessons when he was 3, and since then, his musical journey has only accelerated - Ryan would quickly start filling all of his free time with music. After taking piano lessons for more than 10 years, he continued on to learn a variety of instruments. He played trumpet and french horn throughout school, sitting first chair in both instruments in his school's state-winning symphonic band and orchestra. He also planned piano and trumpet in his middle school's award winning jazz band. He spent his free time learning guitar and vocals and - after learning to drum and learning the ins and outs of percussion - became a member of his school's prolific marching percussion program. During the end of high school, he had opportunities to begin teaching private lessons, and eagerly took them, which sparked his journey in to music education. His wide variety of experience, 20+ years of learning and playing music, and his insatiable passion for teaching and music all contribute to his repertoire.

    The rewarding feeling that comes from watching students grow both as musicians and people has kept Ryan teaching private lessons since then. He strives to become a better educator and impact his student's lives the same way his teachers did him. He knows that a great teacher can make all of the difference when learning music from a student's perspective, and he wants to share his love for music with his students. He hopes he can get students as excited about music as he is while helping them learn in a way that compliments their own personal learning style. Ryan is honored to be in a position where he is able to make a positive difference in students' lives and help them realize their potential.

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