Teacher Profile: Ryan Lewert

Ryan Lewert

Ryan Lewert

Instrument(s): Composition, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Orlando

Education: University of Central Florida

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    About Ryan Lewert

    Meet Ryan Lewert, a down-to-earth and highly skilled multi-instrumentalist who is passionate about music education. With a relatable and approachable demeanor, Ryan combines his expertise with a professional approach to create a unique learning experience for his students.

    Ryan's musical journey began at the age of 6 with the piano, followed by a focus on the guitar. At 14, he discovered his affinity for percussion - he's played the drums ever since. In pursuit of music composition, Ryan revisited his first instrument, the piano, at the age of 18. This extensive study of multiple instruments sets him apart as a music teacher, allowing him to approach music from various perspectives and provide nuanced insights tailored to each student.

    Throughout his career, Ryan has gained valuable performing experience in a diverse range of settings. From in-home concerts to prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall, his musical accomplishments are varied and impressive. In his school years, Ryan was selected as a percussionist for the Florida All-State Honors Band and the Florida All-State Jazz band. At the age of 17, Ryan was selected as center snare for the world class drum and bugle corp, The Troopers. As a member of UCF's finest ensembles, including the Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Choir, Ryan has vast performance experiences with musicians from all around the world. Ryan's compositions were even performed in the esteemed Steinmetz Hall in downtown Orlando!

    Teaching music has been a passion of Ryan's since the age of 12. His early leadership experience as a percussion section leader in middle and high school bands instilled in him invaluable communication and organizational skills. Offering private guitar, piano, and drum lessons since middle school, Ryan has consistently delivered lasting satisfaction to his students. After graduating from high school, he was hired to teach percussion sections at his alma mater along with two other South Florida high schools. Additionally, Ryan's involvement with the Frenchwoods Festival of the Arts summer camp allowed him to work with numerous rock bands, organizing successful music events and concerts.

    For Ryan, music lessons transcend mere technique and repertoire. He understands the challenges of being a beginner and the rewards of mastery. Patient, encouraging, and kind, Ryan goes above and beyond to help his students develop a deeper understanding of music. He enjoys finding new ways to break things down for his students, and he genuinely cares that his students are having fun. Ryan is eagerly looking forward to meeting you and helping you nurture your talents in the world of music!

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