Teacher Profile: Renee Morton

Renee Morton

Renee Morton

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

Education: Music Degree from Northwest University (spring 2018) Participated in the following, Jazz Ensembles (large and small) Choral Ensembles Gospel Choirs Piano & Voice Recitals Church Worship Leader (singing, piano)

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    About Renee Morton

    Renee Morton has a degree in music from Northwest University. She is well versed in composition and has composed pieces for everything from piano, video games, to a full orchestra. She has been involved in a plethora of musical settings such as Jazz ensembles, Gospel choirs, all varieties of Sunday church gatherings, weddings, birthdays, and more piano recitals then she'd like to count.

    Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Renee Morton was surrounded by music. She started playing piano casually at the age of seven but really fell in love with piano during her college years. Her inspiration to teach comes from her own personal instructor who didn't just make herself a teacher but a friend and pushed her to feel deeply the pieces she was playing as opposed to just merely fine tuning a skill.

    She can teach classical piano, jazz piano, contemporary pieces, music theory, how to read and play chord/lead sheets, ear training, rhythm, how to compose and notate your own songs, but is most specialized in teaching the joy of piano. It brings her satisfaction to be as dedicated to making her students fall in love with piano as her own teacher was to her.

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