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Nathaniel George

Nathaniel George

Instrument(s): Voice

City: Denver

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    About Nathaniel George

    Growing up in a tiny town in southeast Colorado, Nathan got used to being in the car for at least a few hours if he wanted to do even a basic activity with friends. This pushed him to consider activities that did not require anything more than yourself and a dream, and he never looked back! Singing from the age of 6, Nathan took every opportunity possible to get his voice on stage. Singing the national anthem at sporting events? Check! Begging any band who would hear it to let him squeeze in a number! No doubt! Volunteering as entertainment for charity events? Of course!

    At the age of 15, Nathan looked back on some previous performances and discovered that he simply couldn't do much of what he used to be able to anymore. This was the wake-up call that led him to focus more time and energy on honing his voice as an instrument and led to him making a commitment to practice for at least one hour per day, every day.

    In addition to all the extra practice, Nathan sought the help of other vocal coaches, including the legendary Natalie Weiss, who he worked with on developing stylistic choices while maintaining proper technique. In high school, Nathan even set up an annual benefits concert where he would invite singers in the area to perform, sending all profits to a scholarship to be awarded to a graduating senior!

    If you manage to find Nathan doing something other than music, it is almost certainly Dungeons and Dragons. You would be surprised how much all the vocal training helps when creating weird and wacky voices for a colorful cast of characters!

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