Teacher Profile: Milo Bridgwood

Milo Bridgwood

Milo Bridgwood

Instrument(s): Drums, Little Music Makers, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Omega Recording Studios' School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences

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    About Milo Bridgwood

    Milo is a D.C. Area based Drum and Piano instructor. He was born on Long Island NY and moved to northern VA at a young age. Milo is from a musical family who inspired him to love music from a young age, and he is excited to share his lifelong passion with his students.

    Milo's dad introduced him to music at the age of four through the piano and old jazz records. His father was his first instructor and started his study with traditional literature. But at the age 11, he was given his first drum-set, and all other interests faded away -- he found his passion.

    Milo initially learned drums by himself, playing along to Led Zeppelin, The Who, and joining bands that "played-out". At age 15 Milo started studying formally with from John Lapham in Haymarket VA -- a prolific jazz drummer. Milo credits his time with Lapham as setting a foundation for his future playing and technical skill development.

    Milo was also active in his school music programs throughout his childhood years. He joined the middle and high school bands, mostly playing trumpet, but switching to euphonium in high school. He was active with the marching and concert bands.

    Milo eventually moved to Richmond VA to pursue performing professionally, and was with a band for ten years that toured up and down the east coast. Around this time he became interested in music production and the recording process as a whole, leading him to study at The Omega Recording Studios' School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences, graduating in 2019.

    Music has been a constant throughout Milo's entire life, whether it's picking up the guitar at 15, or his current foray with the cello. When not making music, playing drums or piano, or teaching, Milo is collecting ambient sounds with his field recorder, riding his bike, hiking, reading a book or playing video games.

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