Teacher Profile: Michelle Searle

Michelle Searle

Michelle Searle

Instrument(s): Music Theory, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Seattle

Education: Highline Community College

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    About Michelle Searle

    Michelle Searle is an incredible vocalist, seasoned vocal coach, and a renowned Seattle music scene fixture who moonlights at Fred Wildlife Refuge Gallery for avant-garde and fringe events. She was the talent buyer at the Columbia City Theater in addition to her duties hosting Tuesday Night Music Club and all original music open-mic. Michelle challenges and inspires those around her to embrace their talents and create music. Her presence can be felt and heard in such venues as The Nectar Lounge, Columbia City Theater, and Seamonster Lounge, both onstage and off. She not only performs at these venues, but hosts improvisational jams, open mics, and curates artist showcases that highlight local talent. Her powerhouse voice and comprehensive understanding of the Seattle scene makes Michelle Searle one of the most sought after vocalists and personalities in Seattle

    One of the many highlights of her music career has to be when she performed at Carnegie Hall with the University of Washington Choir in 2006.

    There is nothing more intense than the internal excitement that takes over ones being right before stepping out onto the stage.....She let the first note out of her mouth and she is home. Being a musician is becoming part of a community of people who share your passions, helps us understand the world around us and fosters expression while the underlying benefits help our cognition, health and social well being .

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