Teacher Profile: Michael Gastineau

Michael Gastineau

Michael Gastineau

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Atlanta

Education: Atlanta Institute of Music & Media

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    About Michael Gastineau

    Michael Gastineau started his journey on the guitar at the young age of 5. Since then, he's developed a love and passion for the creation of music in many different genres. Michael has had the privilege of performing in many live venues across the U.S. and has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of music theory, music notation, and the ins and outs of excelling in the music world.

    Michael recently graduated from Atlanta Institute of Music & Media after desiring to take his career and understanding of music to the next level. Teaching is one of Michael's favorite things about music because he loves sharing what he's learned with all of his students and making a positive impact in their lives. Michael likes to keep lessons fun and engaging for his students by learning and tailoring his lesson plans to their interests. Previously, he had been teaching with an organization where he traveled to different elementary schools teaching their "Guitar Club" program to 2nd - 5th graders. Michael is well-versed in different genres, ranging from classical music to classic rock, modern rock, blues, heavy metal, and even hip-hop. His ultimate goal for his students is to give them the confidence and ability truly express themselves on their instrument and to help them find their sound.

    Outside of teaching lessons, Michael spends most of his free time in his studio writing and recording music. Admittedly, Michael still likes to push himself to keep learning and exercising his musical creativity any chance he gets. He also enjoys spending time at home, taking care of his dogs.

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