Teacher Profile: Micala Pruitt

Micala Pruitt

Micala Pruitt

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Denver

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    About Micala Pruitt

    Micala Pruitt began taking piano lessons at the young age of four and it was there her love for music began to grow. While living in Singapore she studied and was taught under the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) grading system, which called for extensive knowledge of theory, sight-reading, and aural assessment. After years of lessons she became proficient in grade eight abilities: the highest level one can achieve in this grading system. Micala continued to take piano lessons through the age of eighteen and learned to love a variety of genres including ragtime, musical theatre, basic blues, and (her first love) classical. Not only an eager pianist, Micala also began fostering a love for singing at an early age. All throughout middle school and high school Micala participated in every choir class and, her senior year, was invited to be a part of her high school's elite choir: a group of approximately sixteen students. This opportunity trained her ear even more as she developed her understanding of complex harmony and dynamics.

    Micala began playing and singing in her church allowing for new growth as she quickly became accustomed to the Nashville Number System, complex chord structures, band dynamics, the importance of "feel", and an ease toward "going with the flow". It was here that the skill of improvisation flourished and quickly became one of her favorite forms and musical expression. She continues to play live on a regular basis.

    Micala has attended several higher education classes regarding music theory, sight singing, and ear training: the majority of these classes being taken at Azusa Pacific University, a university known for its excellent music program. She proved to be elite in all courses as this new information fostered and strengthened her never failing love of music. Micala has taught many friends a vast range of musical education depending on their needs. She is deeply passionate about the beauty one can experience through music and loves to show this to others. She is enthusiastic, encouraging, and patient: understanding that discovering and understanding music is a journey to be enjoyed and relished, not rushed or stressful!

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