Teacher Profile: Mia Kuehn

Mia Kuehn

Mia Kuehn

Instrument(s): Percussion, Piano

City: Denver

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    About Mia Kuehn

    Mia began teaching her senior year of high school and has continued teaching students of all ages. She received her Bachelors in Music from the University of Iowa where she studied Percussion. Mia is classically trained in all forms of percussion, including hand percussion, world percussion and different styles of popular and modern music. During her time at Iowa, Mia specialized in Caribbean music and steelpan. In January 2015, she traveled to Trinidad & Tobago to compete in Panorama during Carnival, the world’s largest steelband competition. It was the craziest and most wonderful experience of her life so far!

    Mia has played piano since she was 8, and works to improve herself every day. During high school and college her appreciation for the instrument surged and now she tries to play as often as she can: whether it’s pieces she makes up on the spot or great compositions from names like Debussy or John Cage.

    Teaching remains a central part of her life, and she also tutors children living in China who are learning to speak English. Getting to share her knowledge and experiences with her students is one of Mia’s favorite things!

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