Teacher Profile: Melissa Boyer

Melissa Boyer

Melissa Boyer

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Denver

Education: I studied Piano at Louisiana State University ( LSU) from 1988-1990 with Milton Hallman on a full music scholarship. Though I changed my major and graduated from Louisiana Tech University in Nursing (1993), I continued studying piano at the college level. I later studied with Madeline Trible ( Professor of Music) at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for many years.

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    About Melissa Boyer

    Melissa has studied the piano for 45 years, beginning at age 5 when she began playing music by ear. After many years of formal training, she studied for three semesters at Louisiana State University on a full scholarship. Though she switched her college major to nursing, she continued formal lessons for many years. She is highly trained in music theory, composition, technique, and performance.

    Melissa has worked professionally accompanying choral students, playing for church services, weddings, special events, and fine dining restaurants. She began teaching private lessons in Highlands Ranch in 2008 and has been enjoying teaching lessons ever since.

    Though once considered a piano virtuoso, her passion and greatest talent, she feels, is teaching. She is a lover of music of all genres but prefers to teach classical piano for the serious student. Her knowledge of classical piano and repertoire is very broad; sharing the love and the brilliance of this music, she proclaims, is her heart's delight and greatest talent.

    Melissa is a firm believer in teaching children to read music quickly. She feels the greatest travesty occurs when students give up on music lessons. She feels that bringing them to a level of enjoyment quickly prevents this. Her philosophy is that the excitement and enjoyment that comes from success is the greatest motivator and reinforcer of all.

    Her method requires a regular, intensely focused practice commitment at short intervals. " A 15 minute session of perfect practice bears far more fruit than the hour session of 'empty' practice." She proves much success with innovative methods which teach note recognition while improving reading skills. She also teaches a very distinguished hand technique.

    Though Melissa enjoys teaching all ages, she is especially in-tune with children and feels that she connects and communicates well with them. She homeschooled her three children for many years, including a child with special needs. She will admit that she is happiest when teaching, whether it be algebra, reading, history, science or music. She is convicted that teaching someone a new skill is the greatest gift of all.

    Melissa currently lives in Highlands Ranch with her husband, dog, and three teenagers. She is a registered nurse skilled in critical care and the emergency room. She enjoys teaching, running, writing, and most of all...playing music.

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