Teacher Profile: Meaghan Tattershall

Meaghan Tattershall

Meaghan Tattershall

Instrument(s): Viola, Violin

City: Denver

Education: University of Colorado Boulder, CO August 2012- May 2014 Mountain View High School Loveland, CO August 2008 - May 2012

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    About Meaghan Tattershall

    Meaghan's first experience with the violin was watching a concert by the Colorado Symphony where the violinist had a solo and that's when she decided she just had to learn how to play the violin.

    Meaghan began learning violin through school where she continued on to play on in competitions and pit orchestras throughout high school. Once she graduated, she attended college but missed the violin so she joined the campus orchestra. After college, she joined the Flatirons community orchestra and played with them for for three years, with the most memorable performance being playing The Nutcracker for the pit of the Longmont childrens ballet.

    Meaghan has since moved to the Denver area and currently plays with both the Loveland Symphony Orchestra and the Broomfield Symphony Orchestra where she has noticed a decline in new musicians joining the orchestra. Meaghan's philosophy on teaching is to instill that same passion and excitement in her students that she felt that day at the Colorado Symphony in order to teach her students to love their instruments and inspire them to share their music with others.

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