Teacher Profile: Matthew Dunn

Matthew Dunn

Matthew Dunn

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone

City: Seattle

Education: Cornish College of the Arts

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    About Matthew Dunn

    Matthew Dunn is a multi-instrumentalist with over a decade of experience gigging and recording with artists and groups all around the greater Seattle area. He is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance with a focus in Jazz and Electric Bass.

    Growing up in the Federal Way area, Matthew started his musical journey in the 6th grade, where he joined the school concert band with the saxophone as his instrument of choice. Matthew quickly fell in love with the seemingly endless number of sounds that a single person could produce, let alone what could be done with a full ensemble. He used this inspiration (as well as the prodding of his guitar-playing older brother) to pick up the drums later that same year. Matthew took private lessons on the drums for about 3 years, and then he picked up the bass guitar around his sophomore year of high school. Bass guitar quickly became his main instrument when he started taking private bass lessons after graduating High School. He then went on to send in his application to Cornish College of the Arts in the summer of 2018, where he was accepted into the music performance program. Matthew has had the opportunity to study under great local musicians such as bassist Chuck Deardorf, Brazilian pianist and composer Jovino Santos-Neto, and bassist Tim Carey, among many others.

    Matthew has always jumped at any and every musical opportunity that came his way, whether it's filling in for his friends' punk band, playing in the pit for a musical production, or just jamming with anyone that can hold an instrument. He has played countless gigs of all sizes, from audiences of ten people, to audiences of one thousand or more, cover bands at friends' houses, to being on stage at SoundOff! in 2019. Matthew has the experience and knowledge to teach all about the in's and out's of music theory and performance.

    To Matthew, there are few things greater than the connection one forms through playing music with another human being. Matthew passionately believes in the idea of tailoring each lesson to each student, rather than trying to force every student into one singular curriculum, because music is such a personal thing, and there is no "one size fits all". Whether you're looking for a teacher for bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, or piano, Matthew is definitely the guy for you!

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