Teacher Profile: Marietta Sarkisova

Marietta Sarkisova

Marietta Sarkisova

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Marietta Sarkisova

    For her 6th birthday Marietta's grandfather bought her piano. It was beginning of her journey into the magical world of music.

    Coming from the family where everybody played instruments, danced or sang, she didn't have much choice but to learn music also. Marietta's grandfather played Armenian folk music in Armenian National Orchestra. Her uncle played flute and clarinet in the local band. Her mother was singing at the family's gatherings where grandfather, uncle and later Marietta will get together for some improvisations.

    Marietta was accepted to music school at the age of 6 and started taking piano classes, harmony, composition and the theory of music. After 7 years of study, she started classes with a professor at the Yerevan conservatory. A year later she passed her exams and was admitted to the conservatory where she got her Masters in classical music. Marietta also sang soprano in the choir at her conservatory.

    Since her graduation from the conservatory, Marietta has been teaching and performing music with her students. Her goal is to give informational and fun lessons so they learn to understand and enjoy any style of music. Her teaching style helps her students to learn piano and enjoy playing it. She doesn't want music to be boring so she shares positive thoughts and happiness with those she contacts. She also enjoys entertaining her friends and family at the gatherings. Marietta's other passion is dancing. She is Latin style dancer for the last 12 years.

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