Teacher Profile: Mackenzie Bogue

Mackenzie Bogue

Mackenzie Bogue

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Dallas

Education: McLennan Community College

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    About Mackenzie Bogue

    Mackenzie Bogue was born and raised in East, Texas. By the age of 3, she was just barely learning to speak. One day, her family happened to hear her singing nursery rhymes, in spurts, and said that she could hold a tune. Her family put her in singing lessons since age 6 leaving her with 16 years of vocal experience. Mackenzie believes singing is a expression of thoughts and feelings as well as fun and creativity. She loves to use this creativity in many ways such as vocal techniques. She works with a variety of vocal techniques including: mixing, tone, vibrato, belting, placement, falsetto, scat, harmony, riffing/ runs, blending, breaks, projecting/ full voice, diction, and flageolet and many more.

    Mackenzie also believes in a good warmup routine followed by vocal care. She also has experience in fundamentals of singing such as dynamic, phrasing, pitch, breath control, diction and vowels placement with a variety of sight singing, ear training, and other stylistic elements.

    From there, her singing career took off as she was performing in "Talent Shows" from kindergarten to high school (2006-2017), choir at church and elementary to high school (2008-2012, 2007-2017), a mission trip in Romania as a Song Leader (2016-2017), UIL Solo competitions (2016-2017), "Musical Theatre" performances (2013-2015), Guest Artist Gigs (2017-2018), to college ensemble performances: Country, Jazz, Contemporary Christian, and Vocal Ensembles (2019-2021), and a solo gig to perform the National Anthem, Star-Spangled Banner, at the Valley Mills, Texas "Fourth of July" Parade and Festival (2021) and is continuing to take on gigs and performances currently. All of which landed her to start expanding her journey through teaching.

    She is a Contemporary singer who also has experience in genres such as jazz, R&B/soul, theatre arts, classical, classic rock/rock, pop and many others. Though she studies a variety of music Mackenzie primarily trains herself in pop and jazz genres along with "whistle tones." She graduated in 2021 with her associates in Vocal Performance From McLennan Community College.

    She Hopes to be featured in Disney movies where she can be the voice of different characters. She also hopes to become a well known pop artist who writes and creates her own music. She wants to tell others of her story and inspire and teach others like herself. She hopes to accomplish this by gaining experience and growing as a musician though teaching, and working in studios.

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