Teacher Profile: Luke Ryktarsyk

Luke Ryktarsyk

Luke Ryktarsyk

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Washington, DC

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    About Luke Ryktarsyk

    Luke Ryktarsyk is an energetic guitar teacher and mentor who works well with kids and beginners. His experience playing in a variety of musical styles help him pinpoint a student's interest to make learning fun and easy. He is dedicated to creating an environment where beginners can explore their interests and make steady progress.

    Growing up in a musical family, Luke began guitar lessons at the young age of 5. Because of his early exposure to music, learning guitar seemed second nature. Six years of private instruction under three different guitar teachers helped him refine his skills. He participated in 4 years of guitar ensemble and functioned as section leader. Luke has experience playing for ensemble and solo performances, for church accompaniment, and in jazz band. He began teaching guitar students through his mother's piano studio and realized that he can bring his passion for the guitar to others.

    Luke has been a private music instructor since 2012 and tailors lesson plans to each of his students. He observes their learning styles, identifies frustration levels, and works to keep them engaged during instruction. He places a lot of emphasis on utilizing the best methods for each individual student, and he enjoys bringing in pop songs and other favorites that motivate and excite the lesson energy.

    Luke believes that playing the guitar is fun, and that with a little practice and encouragement, it's easy to improve. His goal is to make the process just as enjoyable as the result of fine musicianship and excellent playing at any level.

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