Teacher Profile: Liz Boyd

Liz Boyd

Liz Boyd

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin

City: Washington, DC

Education: Busan Women’s College in South Korea

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    About Liz Boyd

    Teaching has always been a passion for Liz Boyd. She began teaching piano lessons in 1990 and while in college she started teaching violin lessons as well! Liz earned her Bachelor’s degree in music education from Busan Women’s College in South Korea, but her love for music started as early as kindergarten on the piano.

    While in school, Liz won various piano competitions in South Korea and she performed for a wide range of audiences. She focused on piano but eventually went on to accompany choirs on violin and her involvement in these led her to teaching the musical arts! After graduating from Busan Women’s College, she continued teaching both violin and piano lessons in the United States.

    Liz enjoys teaching children and encourages lots of parental involvement. She uses performance as a tool for motivation by having students put on in-home and group recitals often. Liz loves working with her students and helping them to thrive through music, she finds the perfect balance between music study and fun! Outside of music, Liz is also a certified yoga instructor, published novelist and enjoys paragliding, scuba diving and hiking.

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