Teacher Profile: Kylah Edge

Kylah Edge

Kylah Edge

Instrument(s): Drums, Piano, Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: Kennesaw State University

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    About Kylah Edge

    Kylah Edge has been around music all of her life. She began singing at a very young age while also picking up the guitar. All through middle school she participated in both choir and band which is where she first learned how to read music. In high school she became apart of a national award winning acapella group who competed all across the country against other schools. This helped Kylah gain arranging skills as she had to use this for competitions, and her skills led her group to become national champions. In the summer she was one 1/50 selected to attend the Governors Honors Program held at Berry College.

    Kylah is set to graduate Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Voice in May 2023. Throughout her time in college she expanded her knowledge and skill with classical music while also strengthening her abilities in music and vocal production, drumming, and jazz. She has had the opportunity to perform in front of a wide range of audiences because of her involvement in different genres at her school. Kylah also has experience with teaching younger children. She enjoys the fact that music is is used in every aspects of life. Being able to share that experience by helping others learn different musical skills is a joy for her. Kylah loves meeting new people and sharing the gift of music!

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