Teacher Profile: Katherine Moody

Katherine Moody

Katherine Moody

Instrument(s): Music Theory, Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

Education: B.A. in Music, Piano Performance, Sonoma State University One year of Composition at New England Conservatory (left school so I could work)

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    About Katherine Moody

    Kate Moody welcomes children and adult piano students of all levels and abilities. Her goal is to support the unique spark in each individual while helping to develop his or her knowledge and enhancing their appreciation of music and musicians.

    Kate’s students get the full benefits of a traditional music education, plus a thorough and extensive immersion in the language of music through creating music and performing their creations. Areas of focus for students are performance (learning and polishing pieces), technique (developing finger control and agility), and music theory (the language of music) through creative work - composition and notation, improvisation, and arranging. Classical repertoire is emphasized, with jazz-inspired and pop pieces included. Students are encouraged to inquire about learning music of any style.

    Kate studied piano at Sonoma State University with Marilyn Thompson and composition at New England Conservatory with Robert Ceely and Pozzi Escot. Kate continues to be actively involved in music education, teaching piano and composition.

    Kate has produced seven CDs of her work, ranging from solo piano to symphonic pieces. Her music is inspired by nature and by her studies of spiritual philosophy - “Being attentive to the field of awareness,” (Amit Goswani). Her orchestral album, The Seeker, won the Just Plain Folks Best Instrumental Album Music Award.

    In addition to teaching and performing Kate also leads Write Your Own Music, holds workshops for music teachers, students, civic groups, prisoners, etc.

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