Teacher Profile: Joseph Palminteri

Joseph Palminteri

Joseph Palminteri

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Denver

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    About Joseph Palminteri

    Joey Palminteri is a guitarist, songwriter, producer, and engineer born and raised in Tampa, Fl. He started playing guitar at the age of 12 discovering not only a love for learning music, but also a passion for teaching. Joey studies music theory while also earning his Bachelors Degree in Audio Production at The International Academy of Design and Technology. His love for composing music of all genres, including Blues, Rock, Country and Heavier styles of music has seen him perform on stages big and small, in Original bands, Cover Bands, and Regional Tribute Bands. Joey spends most of his time performing and composing for his original band Deshrived, while also working with musicians to meet their own individual goals.

    Developing a love for music is one of the most natural human experiences. Learning how to play music takes that love to a whole new level. This is what makes Joey thrilled to be a musician and teacher and helping others discover this skill, unique as it may be for each student, is a fond cornerstone of Joey’s musical experience.

    Joey’s patience and willingness to help others succeed is what makes learning music a rewarding experience. He welcomes questions and open communication as a way to help his students progress in their skills.

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