Teacher Profile: Jett Raines

Jett Raines

Jett Raines

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Dallas

Education: Pepperdine University

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    About Jett Raines

    From a young age Dallas, TX based instrumentalist Jett Raines was drawn to the magic of music. He first began imaginably conducting Fantasia at age 2 and eventually got his hands on a guitar at age 10. A few years down the road, he was clearly a musician gigging on drums, guitar, and piano along with spending countless hours songwriting and doing studio work.

    Jett is also an athlete and spent his college years pursuing the opportunity to play D1 basketball at Pepperdine University. Upon graduation, Jett enjoyed a 2.5 year stint as a software developer before he turned back to being a professional musician and a private music teacher.

    Currently, Jett writes for his solo music sets (Piano, Guitar, Voice), plays keyboards for Glitter Rose, and cultivates his new project called The Snafu.

    Jett brings a variety of experience and versatility to his teaching and aims to help the student discover the happiness, comfort, and magic that music brings.

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