Teacher Profile: Jacob Cook

Jacob Cook

Jacob Cook

Instrument(s): Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Piano

City: Denver

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    About Jacob Cook

    Jacob has been playing drums/percussion since 2005, and after playing in bands, touring, and recording throughout the years, he has come to realize that his passion lies in teaching aspiring musicians!

    When he started playing drums at age 11, Travis Barker of Blink 182 was Jacob's biggest inspiration! Initially interested in pop/punk drumming, he gradually started branching out into jazz, funk, and Latin styles of drumming.

    Jacob has taken his passion for music to the next level and has learned a multitude of instruments over the years including guitar, bass, piano and harmonica. Being a multi-instrumentalist comes from his passion and motivation towards music! Piano became a passion for Jacob after playing marimba in jazz band for 4 years. Jacob then found a passion for the guitar after really delving into the music of The Gaslight Anthem, John Mayer, and Oasis! Whether it’s Rock & Roll, or blues, he really finds that the possibilities for this instrument are endless!

    Fun Fact: Jacob has also been snowboarding as long as he’s been drumming! He rides a LibTech Skate Banana and prefers powder over terrain parks!

    Jacob is really looking forward to meeting everyone and meeting all the future rockstars!

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