Teacher Profile: Jackson Rohlf

Jackson Rohlf

Jackson Rohlf

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele

City: Denver

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    About Jackson Rohlf

    Jackson can be found at his happiest in the mountains with a guitar in his hand. Hailing from a musical family in Truckee, CA, he is a true lover of the American outdoors and the types of music that come from it. Jackson picked up the guitar in college at the age of 19 and quickly surpassed his teachers’ expectations due to relentless practicing and songwriting. He played lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, and sang in his Denver-based band, Old 40, for four years. With this project, he played Americana, Country, and Rock n’ Roll of many flavors around the U.S. during their three small tours. Jackson is now a solo singer-songwriter in Northwest Denver.

    Jackson has taught many things, like environmental science, English, and cross-country skiing, but no subject brings him quite the same amount of joy as music. As a music instructor, he loves the community of people expressing themselves through their instruments. His teaching style is fun and tailor-made to whatever brings his students the most joy. Jackson has a tremendous passion for the guitar, so he plans to share that excitement with as many people as possible.

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