Teacher Profile: Isaac Ekobo

Isaac Ekobo

Isaac Ekobo

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: St. Mary's College of Maryland

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    About Isaac Ekobo

    Isaac Ekobo is a Washington D.C. Area Music Instructor who teaches Guitar, Percussion, and Piano. His first passion was learning to play Drums, and from there, his musical journey took off. Inspired by renowned musicians such as Casey Cooper, Eric Moore, and Aaron Spears, Isaac embarked in his formal music studies at the age of 17 after starting independently. His extensive musical background spans various genres including Pop, Funk, Gospel, Hip-Hop, RnB, Rock, Heavy-Rock, Blues, Indie, Country, Jazz, Orchestra, Alternative Rock, Reggae, and Grunge.

    Throughout his career, Isaac has honed his craft through original music projects and collaborations with notable bands such as "Lime" and "The Radioresistants." He has had the privilege of connecting and working with esteemed musicians from bands like "The Missing Peace," "Foggy May," "The Split Seconds," "Western Education," and served as the touring drummer for acclaimed indie artist "Bartees Strange."

    Isaac's talent and dedication were recognized early on when he won the prestigious Louis Armstrong award at Thomas Stone High School after only one year of playing the drums. This award acknowledges exceptional musical achievement and unwavering commitment to the program. Following high school, Isaac pursued higher education at St. Mary's College of Maryland, where he recently graduated with a degree in Psychology, Music, and French. During his time at college, he had the privilege of working closely with esteemed music professors such as Glenn Cartwright Paulson, Jeffrey Silberschlag, Rick Humphreys, Connor Milstead, and Sterling Lambert. He further developed his musicality, learned to read and write music, and performed in renowned festivals like the Bottom County Festival.

    In addition to his expertise on the Drums, Isaac has also expanded his music study to include a number of other instruments, like guitar, bass guitar, keyboard/piano, and xylophone. As a founding member of the St. Mary's College of Maryland Music Club, Isaac showcased his leadership skills and musical experience by directing the band.

    In the performance realm, Isaac's current collaboration is with the esteemed D.C. based band, "Luvly Day," where he actively contributes by writing, recording, and performing original drum parts. Being behind the drum kit is one of Isaac's happiest places to be, and he seeks to inspire and motivate others to embark on their musical journey and express themselves through the transformative power of music.

    Music serves as Isaac's sanctuary, and he hopes to help others find their own safe space within it. In Music Education, Isaac has found a renewed sense of fulfillment in helping his students reach their own musical goals and explore the world of music. With all instruments (Guitar, Drums, and Piano), Isaac's approach is rooted in a combination of learning the language of music and exercising creativity in every session. Isaac is thrilled to share his talent and passion with his students. He feels a deep sense of gratitude for his own musical gifts and the invaluable support of those who continue to motivate him, and he hopes to pass this same joy and support on to others.

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