Teacher Profile: Greta Radovani

Greta Radovani

Greta Radovani

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: European University of Tirana; University of Arts

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    About Greta Radovani

    Greta Radovani is a NoVA based Violin, Piano, and Voice teacher. She began her musical journey at the young age of 6 yrs old studying Violin with Suzana Gruda at The Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum in Tirana, Albania. Over the years, Greta became famous as a musician and teacher in the small capital city of Tirana, earning many requests from parents to teach their children privately.

    Greta continued her music education earning her Bachelor's degree in Violin Performance at the University of Arts and later her Master's at the European University of Tirana studying under Professor Ramazan Peku.

    Greta’s diverse musical interests have led to a wide range of musical experiences as an instrumentalist. She competed and often won different competitions in youth orchestras across Europe including; CEYO, OJM and LIYO.

    As a Violin teacher, Greta teaches using a traditional and Russian methodology including scales, etudes, etc. She also utilizes the Suzuki method for her younger students. With voice students, Greta's methodology adapts to the needs of each singer’s instrument on a personalized level. As part of her curriculum and approach, she helps students sharpen skills in ear training, music reading, and artistic expression. In addition to Violin and Voice, Greta studied Piano as part of her university training and works with beginner and intermediate students on the instrument. She also uses Piano as a tool for teaching music theory and Voice.

    Greta instructs students of all ages and levels and works to help them achieve their unique musical goals. Along with a love of teaching and children, her philosophy is to ensure that students in her lessons reach their fullest potential according to their ability.

    Greta is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and patient teacher and is always ready to provide inspiration and motivation. In her spare time, Greta enjoys traveling, nature, and exploring her deep fascination with artistic expression.

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