Teacher Profile: Gabriella Zelek

Gabriella  Zelek

Gabriella Zelek

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Voice

City: Denver

Education: Grayslake Central High school (2017) College of Lake County (2019) Associates in Arts University of Colorado- Boulder Saxophone performance (2022)

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    About Gabriella Zelek

    Gabriella's passion for music began when she discovered a love for playing the piano at the age of five. Gabriella taught herself to play instruments by ear, playing music she frequently heard her mother play on the radio. Gabriella developed an interest in writing her own music throughout elementary school. Gabriella began taking piano lessons at the age of eight and later developed an interest in playing the saxophone, making it her primary focus.

    Today, Gabriella is an active performer in the Denver area, as a co-founder of the band People In Between. Gabriella is also actively involved in the creation and performance of her own music. Gabriella's music is currently being featured in the Chicago based film Ahyoka River. Gabriella received primary instruction under Tom Myer and secondary instruction under Dr. J Michael-Weiss-Holmes, Dr. Geof Bradfield, and Aiden Maniligod. Gabriella is nearing completion of her bachelor's degree in music performance with a certificate in audio technology from The University of Colorado-Boulder. Gabriella enjoys teaching very much and looks forward to meeting you!

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