Teacher Profile: Frank Salerno

Frank Salerno

Frank Salerno

Instrument(s): Composition, Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

Education: University of Nevada; University of North Texas

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    About Frank Salerno

    After winning awards and honors at a high school jazz festival in Toronto, a judge offered Frank Salerno a full scholarship to study piano and jazz studies at The University of Las Vegas, Nevada.

    At 17, in addition to accompanying the classical vocal lessons and studying arranging, Frank worked professionally with Wayne Newton, The Platters, tenor saxophonist Don Menza and vocalist Marlena Shaw.

    Frank collected a degree from The University of North Texas in classical and jazz piano, and moved to Hollywood, CA. His work there included, but is not limited to, scoring stages with John Debney and Alan Silvestri, building sound libraries, and conducting Legendary Superstars in Anaheim, CA.

    For 13 years, Frank was an accompanist and rehearsal pianist for auditions, cabaret, performing arts centers and ballet studios - notably with Balanchine protege Yvonne Mounsey. Frank represented several Beverly Hills production companies entertaining at country clubs, movie premieres and celebrity events.

    After extended musical tours in the finest hotels of Switzerland, Frank returned to Las Vegas to be a house pianist at Bellagio by day, a Dueling Pianos mainstay by night, and a music director for corporate events and conventions in between. Frank performed Maurice Gibb in The Australian BeeGees Show, the #1 Tribute show in Las Vegas.

    For beginning students, Frank will get them interested and excited about playing, teach them how to appreciate all types of music, and to apply the discipline of piano to other life lessons. For the more advanced student, Frank will broaden the student’s scope for musicality, physical well being, and prepare them for recitals and auditions.

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