Teacher Profile: Frank Hallum

Frank  Hallum

Frank Hallum

Instrument(s): Voice

City: Dallas

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    About Frank Hallum

    Frank Hallum is a well-known, in-demand speaker, teacher and voice coach for keynote private lessons and keynote events. He has addressed thousands over the past ten years, spreading his message of determination and inspiration to schools, charitable institutions, and gatherings of individuals. With his history of overcoming adversity and being raised in a Single Mother’s home. Mr. Hallum can identify with all challenges and goals presented by any audience. Through self-motivation and a desire for a better life, Mr. Hallum has risen from a childhood of growing up in a Single Mother’s home to now inspiring families across the nation.

    Mr. Hallum was born to lead and transform lives of both young and old. Growing up in the urban neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas, Frank Jr. understood dreaming and hard work would eventually equal success despite the pit falls of not having the guidance of his father. He learned the principle of manhood through sports and mentors.

    Mr. Frank Hallum travels all over the world partnering with mentoring organizations ( The Steve Harvey Mentoring Program For Young Men, The Boys and Girls Club of America, YMCA and the United Way to support and speaking share guides of success to young boys and their mothers. Mr. Hallum has served 11 years as the Director of of Mentoring for the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men and has appeared on the Steve Harvey Talk Show, CNN, and FOX TV He is a living testimony of you can succeed if you truly believe.

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