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Evren Lansch

Evren Lansch

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Dallas

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    About Evren Lansch

    Evren Lansch is an accomplished piano instructor based in Dallas, with a passion for music that has spanned his entire life. His musical journey began as a toddler when he was enrolled in a choir, and his love for music has only grown since then. At the age of eight, Evren started playing the piano, and within a year, he was teaching himself using the musical skills he had already learned and the support of other choral and orchestral ensembles.

    With a strong academic background, Evren graduated from Alta Independent High School at the young age of 16. He then pursued his love for music at Dallas College, where he earned an Associate Degree in Music. Evren's pursuit of excellence in his craft has led him to the University of Texas at Arlington, where he is currently working towards his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. He is also seeking certification as a piano technician, a testament to his dedication to the art of music and his desire to share it with others.

    With many years of teaching experience, Evren has developed a unique approach to piano instruction that combines traditional methods with modern techniques. His teaching style is tailored to each student's individual needs and goals, ensuring that they are able to progress at a comfortable pace while also being challenged to reach their full potential.

    In addition to teaching, Evren is an active member of the local music community. He regularly performs at concerts and recitals and is involved in various music-related organizations. His passion for music is infectious, and his students and colleagues alike are inspired by his dedication to his craft.

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