Teacher Profile: Evan Prescott

Evan Prescott

Evan Prescott

Instrument(s): Drums, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Dallas

Education: Music Professional

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    About Evan Prescott

    Evan Prescott is a lifelong musician who has always followed his passion and quested after progress. He loves to teach piano, guitar, composition, drums, and production. Music has always been a key part of his life and evolved with the times alongside him.

    Evan was introduced to music when he started a classical-based approach to piano at the age of 5, just like many of our students come looking for. Piano has remained his primary instrument to this day, and he has become an expert in all styles ranging from jazz to classical to rock to electronic. Since then, there have been several milestones in his musical journey.

    The first big milestone was when he realized the joy of collaborating with his peers and playing versions of their favorite songs. This happened around the age of 10 and led to countless short-lived rock cover bands. This background led to a full upbringing of serious projects, and Evan eventually ended up writing and playing albums worth of parts for alternative singer-songwriter project WindowPainter, surf rock band the Sun Waves, ska punk band Toy Traps, and an never-ending stream of jam sessions and local jazz performances.

    His love for music deepened even further when he got involved with the compositional side of things. He quickly went from writing solo piano pieces to full songs for his bands. Evan spent his teenage life in the original Music In The Mountains Young Composers Project, where he composed at least 2 publicly performed chamber music pieces every year for a wide variety of ensambles. Around the age of 13, Evan became very interested in digital audio production and sound design, which has remained a major love of his. Over the years he has written and fully produced hundreds of electronic pieces.

    Currently Evan has been focusing on a growing repertoire of original jazz piano pieces as well as writing and producing for an alternative electronic project in collaboration with his life partner Krystin. They just had their first son Graison months ago and have been deeply inspired by the journey of parenthood. Recent projects for Evan have included a series of ambient piano soundscapes designed for Graisons bedtime. His career goals focus on work making soundtracks for video games and television.

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