Teacher Profile: Eugene Iosilevich

Eugene Iosilevich

Eugene Iosilevich

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Berklee College of Music; Syracuse University

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    About Eugene Iosilevich

    With over 30 years experience as a pianist, Eugene Iosilevich embraces a wide variety of techniques and styles in both his performance and teaching practices. Trained in two highly disciplined classical piano methods (Russian and German) from a very young age by renowned piano professors, Eugene began participating in and winning regional MTNA competitions in his early teens, culminating in the Syracuse Symphony Youth Concerto Competition. In his late teens, a love for song-writing, composition and contemporary/popular music led Eugene to dive head-first into rock ensembles and jazz. Deciding that music was both his passion and calling, Eugene enrolled in jazz studies at Berklee College of Music and later, classical piano performance/composition at Syracuse University (as well as some classical voice studies).

    Eugene has been an active instructor and performer in Northern Virginia since 2008. His method focuses on a classical technical foundation; jazz theory, arranging and improvisation techniques; knowledge of all popular styles; and the exploration of composition/song-writing as a means of realizing the student’s full potential. The key to the Eugene’s exceptionally successful teaching method is maintaining the balance between the different aspects of musical pedagogy. Lessons are individualized and thoroughly enjoyable, yet maintain a strong foundation in technique and theory. Like their instructor, Eugene’s students don’t rest on their laurels or stagnate once they have achieved triumphs in one area/genre of music, but continue to explore and grow until they find themselves truly well-rounded, their practicing driven by sincere love for the art form, compelling them onward towards even greater achievements. Love of music comes from within and is meant to be shared; everything taught and learned under Eugene’s tutelage is meant, in the end, to bring each student to the understanding that this artistic expression belongs to them personally, as well as to their audience. From such a vantage point, only the sky is the limit!

    Finding that the greatest teaching methods are grounded in experience, Eugene maintains a busy performance schedule throughout the area. A pianist for Washington Talent Agency since 2008, as well as a soloist, all-genre ensemble player, instrumental/vocal/musical-theater accompanist, and studio/recording artist, his appetite for performing at the highest levels in diverse musical styles is both insatiable and infectious. Because of this, Eugene’s playing and teaching is saturated with the joy, insight and expertise born of a profound, life-long passion for the musical art-form.

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