Teacher Profile: Emma Quarterman

Emma Quarterman

Emma Quarterman

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Denver

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    About Emma Quarterman

    Emma is a passionate music lover and spends much of her time writing music, listening to music, learning covers, collaborating with others, studying, and performing at her favorite open mic. Here’s a little peek at what led her here today:

    It all began when she was a little girl and heard a pop singer singing on the TV. The singer's voice was so powerful and emotional. Emma felt chills up and down her spine and had goosebumps all over. Those chills seemed important..cosmic..spiritual..profound…you name it! That brief moment in time spoke to Emma on a level she's yet to fully comprehend. The curiosity began then and continues to grow within her. What is it about music that connects us to ourselves, each other, and dare I say everything?

    Emma has found a friendship with music that empowers and inspires her on a daily basis. She believes that music is not only a tool for emotional expression and a great exercise for the brain but also a way to tap into the vibration that connects us all. Since she was a little girl she imagined becoming a rockstar and being able to create that same "chills" that she was initially inspired by, in others. While "rockstar" is certainly not her job title she embodies the enthusiasm towards teaching and sharing music in hopes of connecting with the inner rockstars in all of us.

    If you have a desire to write your own songs, learn covers, play music with others, perform, or even just strum away in your room for emotional release then Emma can help you get there! After receiving her degree in music and performance from Naropa University and continuing to study on her own for many years Emma has gained a solid foundation of songwriting tools and how to improve as a musician. Whether you are brand new to music or you have some experience Emma can help you to become more comfortable with your instrument and on your way to rocking out.

    Emma looks forward to joining you on your musical journey.

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