Teacher Profile: Elizabeth Risner

Elizabeth Risner

Elizabeth Risner

Instrument(s): Piano, Trumpet, Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: University of North Florida

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    About Elizabeth Risner

    Elizabeth Risner is 26 years old, from Sarasota Florida, she moved to Decatur GA in 2020 to find new opportunities in a new place. She has been playing the trumpet since age 8, and singing since age 12. Elizabeth was homeschooled until college and was fortunate to be able to spend most of her time on music since an early age. She started her own band, Jazz Juvenocracy, at age 10, by age 13 the band went on their first European tour, they performed at The Montreux Jazz Festival, The Umbria Jazz Festival, and Jazz a Vienne. By the age of 15 and 16, her band did two more European Tours returning to the same festivals as well as The Northsea Jazz Festival. 

    Elizabeth graduated with her Undergraduate degree in Jazz Studies from University of North Florida, studying with esteemed professors Lynne Arriale, Dennis Marks, Randy Tinnin, Todd DelGiudice, and Danny Gottlieb. Upon graduation, she worked in Jacksonville, FL as a freelance trumpet player, playing musical theatre shows, jazz gigs, and as a trumpet teacher to private students beginner and intermediate level, as well as master classes in public schools. 

    When she isn't teaching, Elizabeth loves to dance with her friends, play with her dog Rascal at parks, and go to hear live music and shows .Elizabeth loves to share the joys of music and teach kids to grow through their instrument in confidence, courage, and patience. 

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